Massage Therapy

We offer a variety of massage therapy services, for whatever your particular health concern might be.

(Prices shown are for typical treatment duration. Massage times can be adjusted when you make your appointment.)

Swedish Massage – A smooth massage with a flowing rhythm. Relieves tension and increases circulation. 1/2 hour: $30
1 hour: $60
Therapeutic Massage – Targets specific issues with deeper pressure massage strokes, utilizing myofascial release and trigger point work. Restores better range of motion, breaks up muscle adhesions, increases circulation. This style can be somewhat painful, and clients may be a little sore for a day afterwards. 1/2 hour: $35
1 hour: $65
Swedish/Therapeutic – A very popular massage choice, this massage combines the relaxing benefits of Swedish massage with the acute treatment of Therapeutic massage. 1/2 hour: $35
1 hour: $65
1.5 hour: $95
Shiatsu – A rhythmic and relaxing treatment, using hand and thumb pressure to treat acupressure points. Done over comfortable clothes. 1 hour: $65
Chair Massage – Uses a special massage chair and is done over your clothes, excellent to relieve muscle tension quickly when you are pressed for time. 20 minutes: $20
Deep Tissue – Treats superficial and deep muscle layers. Typically is tailored to treat certain muscle groups that are causing pain. This massage style is usually painful, and clients will most likely be sore for a day or so. 1/2 hour: $45
1 hour: $75
Lomi-Lomi – An ancient style of Hawaiian massage, meaning “breaking up of knots.” This style faster in pace, to relieve tension and have a detox effect.1 hour: $70
Hot Stone – A very relaxing massage, using warm stones to soothe muscles and release tension.1/2 hour: $40
1 hour: $70
1.5 hour: $95
Combination – Using a variety of techniques: Shiatsu, Swedish, Lomi-Lomi, Reflexology, etc. A great way to sample a variety of massage types. 1.5 hour: $100
Reflexology – A foot treatment, using thumb pressure to treat the entire foot thoroughly. This in turn affects the entire body, by stimulating the nerve endings in the foot. 1/2 hour: $35
Pregnancy – Supporting expectant mothers in pain relief and relaxation. Kammi is certified for massage after the 1st Trimester of Pregnancy.1 hour: $65
Myofascial Release Therapy – Techniques used without lotion to release fascial tension. 1/2 hour: $35
45 minutes: $50
Face, Scalp, and Neck Massage – For tension release and to help treat headaches.1/2 hour: $35

Additional Therapies

These relaxing offerings are helpful to support various health concerns and needs.

Infrared Sauna – Our brand-new, state-of-the-art sauna uses infrared heat to help relieve muscle aches, arthritis pain, and eczema, and is great for detoxing. The sauna includes chromotherapy, a light therapy with a variety of health benefits.1/2 hour: $20
Halotherapy – Halo (salt) therapy uses dry salt aerosol to help fight respiratory inflammation and allergies.1/2 hour: $20
Kinesiology Taping – Helps muscle and joint recovery and support. $10 and up
Aromatherapy Massage – Add essential oil therapy to your massage for the ultimate relaxation!$5
Hand and Foot Scrub$25
Stretching Post-Massage1/2 hour: $30


We partner with several local, women-owned businesses to bring you a one-stop therapeutic, relaxing experience! Each of these businesses are in the same building with us, so you can create the perfect spa/wellness day to treat yourself and support your health in every way.

(Click on the name of each business for more information!)

Eckert Chiropractic

Dr. Kate Eckert opened her office in 2011. Her team includes Chris Zagar, who keeps the office running smoothly.  

Dr. Kate treats patients by combining myofascial techniques (muscle work) that can include manual therapy, instrument assisted, cupping, etc. with regular adjustments. She also believes deeply in her patients taking an active role in their own health and has them do exercises on their own time between appointments.

You can find Dr. Kate on social media: on Instagram @drkeckert, on TikTok @chirokatie, or on her private Facebook group page, Just Breathe. She loves learning and helping other people learn through her company, The Form Function and Flow Lab.

Honest Aromas

Julia Allman is a certified aromatherapist who started Honest Aromas in 2015. Honest Aromas supplies the essential oils used in our essential oil massage therapies, and also provides a variety of tested and reliable essential oil blends and products available in our office. Julia also offers consultations for personalized blends.

Julia Allman Life Coaching

Julia is also a Certified Life Coach who can help support you through a variety of situations. Her services are available either by phone consultation, or in-person at our location. Call 814-673-2797 or visit her website for more information.

Lynne Marshall’s Headline Hair

Lynne Marshall’s Head-Line Hair started as a small salon in May of 1994. It has grown into a full service salon that offers hair, skin and nail care services as well as jewelry, cards, accessories and giftware. Appointments can be made by calling 814-677-0404

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